Treatment of chronic pain: the holistic approach highlighted in Oran

           Treatment of chronic pain: the holistic approach highlighted in Oran

ORAN- The interest to promote the holistic approach in the management of chronic painwas highlighted Sunday in Oran, after the work of the Second International Days dedicated to medical ethics.

“The holistic approach is to take care of the patient as a whole and not just the affected organ, thus positively impacting the doctor / patient relationship,” said Prof. Khaled Layadi, president of the meeting which brought together some 200 Algerian and foreign participants.

“The approach is also worth its multidisciplinary vision that recognizes the psychological, social and cultural influences on pain,” said Pr Layadi, also president of the Observatory of Disability, Rehabilitation and Ethics in Health (OHRES ), based in Oran.

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And to emphasize: “The impact of pain far exceeds the organic dimension because it affects the being in all its complexity”, suggesting young practitioners to take into account psychological factors (anxiety, depression, emotional constraints) and environmental factors (family context, professional, medical wandering).

Arguing that a multidisciplinary approach is often necessary to overcome the suffering of patients, the specialist noted that “in making the diagnosis, the physician should not be limited to what is objective and measurable, nor reject this which does not appear in the register of acquired knowledge “.

In this respect, he cited the example of his department of physical medicine and functional rehabilitation at the CHU of Oran, which has several competencies, including psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists and psychomotor specialists, each contributing to the taking into account. charge of the sick.

The head also reminded that the observatory he chairs (OHRES) carries a proposal for the creation of a university degree in bioethics involving, in addition to medical sciences, different disciplines such as the humanities and social sciences, law and biology.

An official from the Faculty of Medicine in Oran had announced on the first day of the meeting that the ethical approach will be integrated into the medical training program from the next academic year 2018/2019.

These scientific days also saw the participation of presidents of medical ethics committees from foreign countries, including France and Canada, who expressed their willingness to contribute to the training of young practitioners in Algeria.


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