The Little-Known Massage Technique That Works Wonders for Fibro Pain

Woman getting a massage

Is massage therapy a part of your pain management approach?

For many fibromyalgia sufferers, massage provides some much needed relief from the pain. Massage offers a number of benefits for people with chronic pain. But not all massages are created equal – and finding the right type of massage therapy can make a big difference.

One particular type of massage aims to help those suffering from chronic pain find more lasting relief.

It’s called orthopedic massage therapy.

Graphic: Who can benefit from orthopedic massage therapy

Unlike most massages, the main purpose of orthopedic massages is to provide lasting results by targeting the central nervous system. While other massages can sometimes be too much for those suffering from fibromyalgia, orthopedic massages tend to include more gentle movements – generally done only on the back of the body.

Through gentle rocking and stroking of tissue, orthopedic massages help relieve chronic pain, promote healing, improve mobility.


Four stages to orthopedic massage therapy:

Muscoskeletal Assesment: your therapist will ask questions to understand your pain, where it hurts, and if possible, why it hurts.  He/she will evaluate various ranges of motion with you to help identify problem areas. Upon a full assessment, your therapist will determine the best approach to treating your symptoms.

Orthopedic Massage Treatment: your therapist will use the techniques best matched to your pain and problem areas. The ultimate goal being to massage the soft tissues that can you’re your pain. During massage, your therapist will continue to communicate with you to determine what is/isn’t working.

On-going maintenance: your therapist will help you develop a plan for maintaining the results long-term. This will usually include tips for self-care, as well as planning any on-going maintenance or check-ups.


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