The elimination of the consideration of the spouse’s income for the calculation of the disabled adult allowance!

                                         Petition: The elimination of the consideration of the spouse's income for the calculation of the disabled adult allowance!

Author : Ingrid Pich

To the attention of: The President of the Republic

Taking spouses’ income into account in allocating the disabled adult allowance is a blatant injustice to physically impaired people who have not chosen to live with a disability.
Because the spouse’s income is taken into account in the calculation of the AAH, many people with disabilities find themselves without personal resources, that is to say … at the expense of the spouse, which is humiliating and unacceptable .
Nobody “CHOOSES” to be locked in a body that does not work well enough to occupy a job, no one chooses the status of “Disabled Adult! “
In a valid couple where both work, the respective bosses do not rely on the spouse’s income, to set the amount of their employee’s salary!
Excluding … the state or CAF takes into account the resources of the home, which equates to double punishment for the disabled person without resources, whose self-esteem and honor are violated.
In the name of human rights, I beg to ask you, Sir,
The President Of The Republic, so that you think about the suppression of this method of calculation, which obviously does not favor the disabled people living in couple.
I hope that my request reaches you and that you are sensitized by this subject.
Please believe, Mr. President of the Republic, in my most devoted feelings.


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