New Brain Stimulation Therapy For Fibromyalgia Disease Approved

Fibromyalgia Disease

New Brain Stimulation Therapy For Fibromyalgia Disease And Approved

Patients with Fibromyalgia Disease-related migraines and other chronic pain will now be able to access Soterix Medical’s non-invasive therapeutic device, called PainX, as an alternative to treatment with New Brain Stimulation Therapy For Fibromyalgia Disease medication.The announcement was made following recent approval by Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority (HSA). Also approved was Fibromyalgia Disease treatment with the company’s Depression tDCS-LTEmedical device for symptoms associated with major depression.


Both PainX and Depression tDCS-LTE are based on Soterix’s proprietary transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) technology, in which a mild electrical current is delivered to the head through electrodes. A special cap ensures that patches are correctly positioned.PainX was developed to offer a new option in the management of chronic pain and Fibromyalgia Disease. The therapy delivers a low-intensity electrical current to parts of the brain responsible for abnormal pain sensation. In clinical trials, the device was shown to be safe and effective in treating Fibromyalgia Disease and migraines.PainX is painless, and patients can carry out other activities while receiving treatment.


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