Has Fibromyalgia made you fat?

Has the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia made you fat?

I could easily reply “Me too!”  Oh yes, it is true that I have gained loads of extra cuddle and my clothes size has jumped a few sizes but is being bigger, fatter, rounder, more cuddly really so bad?

It always saddens me when I look at my blog statistics and it shows my most read blog to date is about WEIGHT GAIN, DIETING, AND FIBROMYALGIA

“It came as no shock to me when the weight began to pile on, my life suddenly became VERY sedentary so naturally, my metabolism threw a hissy fit in protest. I felt sore, aching, bloated, spotty, meffy, fat, greasy, itchy, sensitive and raw. The best way I could describe myself was Elvis circ1976 when he was all fat and bloated. I felt like I had totally “let myself go” my prettiness was like sand running through my fingers as I tried to hold on.” 

I wrote this blog back in 2015 and it really was the start of my journey to fall back in love with myself. The words this is me echoed in my head as I battled so hard to stop craving the person I once was and the body she had.

THIS IS ME now and I have to accept that I am not getting any thinner but is that really the end of the world?
Who said you have to be thin to be beautiful?
Is being fat so very wrong?
“Stop being a prisoner of your past. Become the architect of your future.” 
Robin S. Sharma,

Please change the way you view being fat. Remove the negativity that surrounds the word alone. Calling someone “fat” was always a word a bully used to make a child feel sad. This bully tactic we have surrounding size are deeply embedded assumptions we have as a culture. We even bully ourselves based on our own shape. It’s really important to acknowledge this form of bullying as being bigger, especially through an illness you never asked for, definitely does not make you less beautiful.

If I could give every woman a gift it would be self-love. Some things may be equally essential  but nothing is more important than a healthy sense of self-esteem and loving yourself.
 “You have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. 
Try approving of yourself and see what happens.”
Louise L. Hay
Real women come in EVERY shape.
We need to stop the negativity surrounding gaining weight due to illness. People daily are actually stopping the important medication as it has caused weight gain! This is nuts to put health management on the burner as your shape has changed. We need to stop the negativity surrounding size. I am totally done treating the word FAT as an insult.
My own personal self-love and acceptance story has come a long way over the years. Like many plus-size women, I haven’t always felt comfortable using the word “fat.” But now I use it as a descriptive word of myself as I want to remove it from a bully domain. There is so much fat hate in society and so many people within the chronic illness community that are filled with so much sadness due to the change in their size.
“One idea that really resonated with me was this: How much time do you spend in your head, thinking about food, weight, or thinking bad things about yourself? How much space does that take up in your life? Are those authentic messages? Are they truly things you believe about yourself in your heart of hearts? Who told you those messages? Where did you learn them from? Just imagine how much space you could clear up in your head and your life if you could work on shifting your focus from self-hate/body hate towards self-acceptance and self-love. What could you think about instead? What could you fill your life with if all that head-space and time opened up?” Annie Maribona
Never let weight gain steal your sparkle, you are a beautiful diamond. Just like a diamonds, women come in many shapes and sizes.

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