World Fibromyalgia Day. Angelina, from Normandy: “At 38, I feel like I have 90”

Angelina Corbonnois suffers from fibromyalgia. On the occasion of World Day May 12, she testifies that this disease is “known and recognized”.

Angelina Corbonnois, a resident of Caligny, 38 years old, was diagnosed with fybromyalgia in 2016. (© L’Orne Combattante)

“I’m like Mario, I have five lives, and every time I do something, I lose one. “Angelina Corbonnois, a resident of Caligny, near Flers, is achieving fibromyalgia , a syndrome characterized by muscle and joint pain to extreme fatigue and sleep disorders.

An invisible disease

“I hope you can sum it up,” says the mother of three. Because the list of symptoms is as long as the arm: chronic fatigue, extreme weakness, insomnia, hypersensitivity (to noise, touch, light, smell, temperature), memory loss, depression … At 38, she feels like 90.

“We are in discomfort everywhere, all the time, it’s like having the flu but without fever”, she symbolizes.

Difficult diagnosis

After several months of pain without being able to put a name on these, the term fibromyalgia arrives in his life in 2016.

“I had just returned to work at the chocolate factory of Tinchebray. A day of work and it was like a bomb in my body, I hurt everywhere. I put that on the reboot account, “recalls Angelina.

His doctor sent him to Caen for a blood test and an MRI. But nothing . ” All is well. “People are starting to think we’re crazy because it’s an invisible disease,” she says.

Impossible work

A diagnosis is finally made a few months later by a specialist. To be diagnosed with fibromyalgia, it is necessary that the pains are constant during 3 months and to have 11 painful points of the body on 18. Angelina, it has 18.

“I was already in a severe stage of fybromalgia, the doctor told me that I had held well until then. “

To treat this disease, there are no drugs , “except those against depression.” But care to try to soothe pain like the CAD, the pain center in Flers: hypnosis sessions, psychologist, electro stimulation, physio, balneotherapy …

Ambulance training, home help, home sales … Angelina tried to combine work and illness , but always stopped. “We are not able to work, it’s not that we do not want it is that we can not. ”

Mourning your life before

So for her, “the days are long” . The sunrise takes several minutes, the housework is difficult, washing has become a test, “the daily life is fucked”. Angelina had to say goodbye to what she liked like dancing, walking, carrying children. His treatment of antidepressants made him take 20 pounds.

“We must succeed in mourning what we were before and relearn how to love each other. “

Angelina would like her illness to be known and recognized . Known because she had to face the misunderstanding of some. “We are taken for blank shots, slackers. I want to show that this is not blah, that we do not stay at home out of envy, “she says.

Low support

Recognized because all care is not supported by social security . She would also like to be recognized as disabled by fibromyalgia and not by depression.

“I would like to be recognized ALD, affection of long duration, and as invalid, and no longer by the departmental house of the handicapped to more than 50% so that one does not benefit from the allowance with the adults disabled, “Angélina explains.

According to her, “at worst” she can see recognition as a disabled worker , but in practice she can not do any work.

Married and mother to three children, Angelina says she can not have plans anymore. “We live from day to day, with love and fresh water. On a Facebook group that brings together many people with the disease, she finds a little comfort . “We get out of isolation, we exchange advice, we also kidding, and above all, we fight to recognize this disease. ”


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