The mental fog and my fibromyalgia.

mental fog

Three years ago, while talking to a friend I noticed that made it difficult for me to express myself clearly, I have a very simple vocabulary because they can not find the right words, he needed to let me know, guess I that day that she did not notice, but I did not notice, and this confusion made me feel slow.

Then, when I had to write a message to send by email, I had the same difficulty, I did not remember the names of things and had to make some corrections (more than usual) in what I wrote the order change the words or I put letters that did not agree, suddenly I forgot the spelling that had distinguished me in my school days; What happened to me?

Living with fibromyalgia has made me more cautious, because when something happens to me, it’s very easy to think first that it all comes from it; Before drawing this conclusion, I gave him a time to know if this “mental slowness” would be repeated.

The days did not change my situation created that worsened, and could not easily solve a mathematical operation, he had to think more carefully, as if it were a complicated equation; Write, talk and even think, only thinking was difficult.

As? you can ask yourself; To try to explain myself better, I’ll talk about a “table” as an example:

mccoy_pedestal_tableUnder normal circumstances, you can talk across the table simply by calling it:
“Yesterday I left your books on the dining table.”
If you can not think clearly, you may not be able to name it; Divagas, you have it in mind, but you do not remember his name, you know what it is for, but you can not grasp it with its meaning; For example:
“Yesterday you left your books in me … mmmmm, ehh on the wooden floor, in the next room of your kitchen”

Sounds exaggeratedly correct, but as I make it clear, it’s just one example of what happens to more complex sentences or sentences if you’re not thinking clearly, and you’ll get an idea of ​​how frustrating that is for someone who did it earlier fluent and without worrying about communicating properly.

I mentioned this to my neurologist, he told me about the mental fog, he told me that he was part of the syndrome that is fibromyalgia (but not exclusive); I could not help but ask him: So, how many more symptoms do you have? He tried to explain to me that, since there is still no certainty about the origin of this syndrome, other patients have shown only coincidental symptoms, but not all are the same Some are experiencing this mental fog that others have not yet experienced.

The mental fog poses a new challenge to the fibromyalgic patient, we have to face the fact that in order to write or speak or simply think that we need more energy than usual, we do not just call the table “table” because we can not find him your word

This cloudiness also suffers from those who do not sleep well, or from those who overslept even those who come to their limits; because the brain needs complete rest, and when it receives stimuli during its rest period, it is overloaded and does not make its maximum capacity; it’s enough to remember the nights at the university, the early morning work to attend the 7 o’clock class and without knowing where we stood, this is the mental fog in fibromyalgia.

It has become so common that they call it fibro-fog, apparently the brain of fibromyalgia does not rest when it goes to sleep, many of us also suffer from long sleep periods; then it can be assumed that the brain, if it does not get a restful rest, is overstimulated and in a permanent state of alertness without necessity.

One thing we need to learn about fibromyalgia is that if we think we already know enough, there will always be something new, which will force us to calm things down, because everything seems to go in slow motion.

This disease is the challenge of slowing down, in a convulsive and unrestrained world, learning to see and perceive us differently, more reflective, and between inspirations and sighs.


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