The Fibromyalgia Management Plan: Meal Plan, Exercise Routine, and More!

Manage Fibromyalgia Pain At Home

The free guide offers best practices and tips to ensure you can live a healthy and happy life with fibromyalgia. Discover lifestyle changes that you can implement right now to start reducing pain and start feeling more energized, rested, stronger, and happier.

The Fibromyalgia Management Plan Includes:

  • Diet and meal plan
  • At-home workout and exercise plan
  • Restful sleep schedule
  • Mental health and wellness tips
  • Chronic pain management
  • Week-by-week schedule


1. Introduction and Itinerary

Outlines the fibromyalgia plan and what to expect from your free guide.

2. Diet, Meal Plan, and Recipes

Suggests foods to eat and foods to avoid as a pain sufferer. Shows a visual of your ideal plate portions and shares recipes for fibromyalgia sufferers to try.

3. Workout Best Practices and Plan (Without Weights)

Presents at-home workouts that can be performed at home without weights. Also details the best aerobic exercises for fibromyalgia and how often you should work out per week.

4. Restful Sleep Guide and Schedule

Shares a step by step daily routine to ensure you have the most restful sleep possible. Warns you of factors that can affect sleep quality.

5. Chronic Pain Management Strategies

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Describes tips and strategies to manage different kinds of pain. These tips can be applied at home and target common fibromyalgia trigger points.

6. Mental Health and Happiness

How to reduce “fibro fog” and guard against depression and anxiety that often accompany fibromyalgia pain.


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