Sixteen Most Important Fibromyalgia Signs and Symptoms you just cannot ignore

7. Irregular Heartbeat/Heart Palpitations:Cardiac symptoms can be especially upsetting to fibromyalgia patients, yet testing tends to reveal no underlying cause. Heart palpitations do tend to respond to deep breathing and other relaxation techniques.


8. Headaches:Chronic migraines affect more than half of those diagnosed with Fibromyalgia signs. The majority of these headaches are classified as causing severe pain, and they occur three or more times a week. Many people experience multiple headaches during a single day.



9. TMJ or Jaw Pain: Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) disorder affects about one-fourth of those with fibromyalgia. Facial pain that originates in the jaw may also spread to a person’s head or neck. Usually, the pain is associated more with the ligaments and muscles within a person’s jaw area rather than the joints.



10. Bladder Disorders:Irritable bladder, frequent urinary infections and incontinence are also found in those with Fibromyalgia signs. Burning with urination and abdominal pain may feel more severe to people with this disorder.



11. Vision Disturbances:Dry or burning eyes, blurred vision and difficulty focusing are a few ways that Fibromyalgia signs can disrupt a person’s vision. These symptoms may occur along with headaches or dizziness. However, they can also occur alone. Continue to next page…

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