How Long Does It Take for Amitriptyline to Work for Nerve Pain?

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Nerve pain is a result of several health issues a person could have. For example, fibromyalgia often leaves a person riddled in nerve pain.


The problem with nerve pain is that there is not saying when this is going to strike, nor can you say how long it will last.


For some, they may find that as the day wears on, they have more nerve pain. By the time that bedtime rolls around, they may be in a huge amount of pain.


For this reason, doctors often recommend a medication to help with this nerve pain.


Managing Nerve Pain

Nerve pain management is only going to succeed once the person devotes their time to this. Those with nerve pain need to realize that what works for one person may not help you at all.


In addition, it may take a few different treatment options to find something that downgrades the pain enough that you feel can live a normal life.


Plus, these pain options need to allow you to stay alert and able to live your life. Pain options that dull a person to the point they do nothing but sleep is robbing them of their life along with killing the pain.


Nerve pain is called neuropathic pain.  The nerve is overactive which is causing the pain. Thus, taking an over the counter pain relief medication like Tylenol will have no effect whatsoever on the pain level.


Therefore, the medications that are prescribed for treatment are going to basically calm these exited nerves so they are not sending a message of pain to the brain.


Utilizing Amitriptyline

One of the most common drugs given to those with nerve pain is amitriptyline. This drug was first introduced to the market as an antidepressant.


However, as studies have been conducted about nerve pain, they find that those drugs for depression or anxiety are super helpful to those with nerve pain.


In fact, amitriptyline is so helpful to nerve pain, it is more commonly given for this reason than for depression.


It should be noted that those who utilize this medication are often told they need to perform some lifestyle changes as well.


This can help with the drug being successful in treating the pain. These lifestyle changes include:

  • Getting more exercise to help build up the body
  • Utilizing breathing exercises and meditation to help with the pain
  • Avoiding certain foods as this can trigger nerve pain to become unbearable


Overall, patients are asked to pay attention to their bodies. Do you find something works better if you do certain exercises? Do you notice that nerve pain flares up after a certain type of daily activity?


Therefore, it is important for all those who suffer with nerve pain to really look at their lives and what they are doing. These little things could be the main reason so much pain is felt!


Amitriptyline Side Effects

The side effects of amitriptyline are numerous. However, since this drug has been shown to be successful for those who suffer with nerve pain, often these side effects are overlooked since the use of the drug outweighs these side effects. For your personal reference, though, side effects include:


Pain in the stomach

Appetite loss


Bladder control issues

Losing consciousness


Pain in the side and back

Muscle spasms

Severe depressions or anxiety

Blood in urine or stool

Blurred vision


A feeling of pins and needles in the body

Muscle tightness

Speech changes

Chest pain



Cold sweats


Nausea and vomiting

Increase in vivid nightmares

Overactive reflexes

Pain when urinating

Dry mouth


Remember that these side effects are not going to happen in everyone. And some of these side effects are less severe than having the nerve pain.


In almost all cases, doctors encourage patients who take this medication to drink plenty of water, as this can offset many of the side effects that are seen.


Getting Relief from the Pain

When most people have nerve pain, they want immediate relief from the pain they are feeling. After all, this pain is often interfering with the way they live their daily life.


However, be aware that amitriptyline is not a medication that is going to offer immediate results.


For most people, they do not start to feel the results of taking this until they have been doing so for two to four weeks.


However, there have been reports in the United Kingdom that this drug takes around six to eight weeks for patients to see improvements.


However, there have been reports in the United Kingdom that this drug takes around six to eight weeks for patients to see improvements.


Another issue that people need to be aware of, there have been several reports of those who have taken this medication and have side effects including being unable to stay awake for long periods of time, depression and the like for the first few weeks of taking this. Why is this? Your body is adjusting to this medication.


When this happens, many people simply give up. However, for those who can tough out these side effects until the body becomes adjusted to the medication will find that their nerve pain can easily be managed.


For those who do end up taking this for their nerve pain, try taking the medication a few hours before bedtime.


As drowsiness is one of the most common side effects at first, this can help offset just how much this side effects if affecting your everyday life.


For those who so suffer with nerve pain, they do not have to do this alone. There are several methods on the market meant to help the average person deal with the pain that they are feeling. And with the use of this medication, living with the nerve pain becomes easier.


If you do suffer with nerve pain, talking to your doctor about your options is the only choice, as amitriptyline is given to patients by prescription only.

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