Fibromyalgia: the interest of sophrology now validated?

                           is sophrology effective against fibromyalgia

Acknowledging and expressing one’s emotions would significantly reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia, it’s the conclusion of a recent study published in the scientific journal Pain .

The emotions at the origin of the disease?

Would this discovery confirm the interest of sophrology for people with fibromyalgia? Yes, according to the results published by the team at Wayne State University (Detroit).

Their recent study makes it possible to establish a correlation between the disease and the difficulty of managing emotions . Most importantly, the researchers found a way to reduce the symptoms of the disease using a method very similar to sophrology.

Admittedly, the therapy used in this study has a different name, but its goal with sophrology remains the same: to help patients become aware of their feelings and learn how to better manage them on a daily basis.

Alternative therapies at the service of science

The researchers conducted their research with 230 adult patients with fibromyalgia . These patients were divided into 3 different groups to receive a specific treatment.

The first group has benefited from a new therapy called Emotional Awareness and Expression Therapy (EAET)that aims to help patients become aware of their pain and their emotions . It allows you to learn to recognize your own feelings and better manage your emotional experiences, such as anger or sadness but also recognition, compassion and forgiveness.

Group 2 benefited from disease management education and the third from cognitive behavioral therapy.

The conclusions seem particularly convincing since the people who benefited from the EAET therapy showed a clear improvement in their overall condition.

  • Thus, they were more likely to experience a 50% or greater reduction in their painful symptoms.
  • Among the improvements raised, the researchers noted in addition to the reduction of pain , a decrease in physical disability , attention and concentration disorders but also anxiety and depression .
  • Patients report feeling more positive emotions and greater satisfaction with life.
  • Finally, 35% of patients in this group report feeling “much better” than before treatment compared to 15.4% for the “education” group.

Fibromyalgia: the interest of approved sophrology?

This major scientific breakthrough could well improve patient management and contribute to better recognition of complementary therapies such as sophrology. Sophrology is also particularly recommended for the management of pain and emotions in people with fibromyalgia. More and more health professionals are now offering this method to their patients in addition to their medical support.

As a reminder, fibromyalgia is an inflammatory disease characterized by chronic pain disorders . It is often accompanied by fatigue, sleep disorders, memory or even mood.


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