Changing Your Wardrobe Could Help Alleviate Your Fibro Symptoms


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Many fibromyalgia sufferers can attest to the fact that clothes can give them a lot of extra painful symptoms. Patients describe the pain they feel from their clothes as sharp, stabbing, or like a bad sunburn on their skin. Waistbands, socks, undergarments and anything that ties can cause this extreme pain. Changing your wardrobe to lessen your symptoms can actually help them a lot. Figure out your most tender spots that hurt the most, and buy clothes that accommodate to that area instead of making it worse. Here are some tips about how to buy fibromyalgia clothing to help ease your symptoms.

Fibromyalgia Clothes


For women, bras can be extremely uncomfortable and restricting to begin with. As a fibromyalgia patient, the pain of a tight bra can be unbearable. Because of that, look for bras without an underwire. As perky as they make your girls look, sometimes the pain isn’t worth it. There are lots of soft padded bras without underwires that work very well. Sports bras can also be very comfortable, as long as they’re not too tight. Consider getting your bra size checked by an associate at a store as well to make sure you’re wearing the right size. If your bra size isn’t right, it will be almost impossible to feel comfortable.

Underwear waistbands can also pinch and pull to cause pain. Choose underwear that rides lower on your hips, rather than up your waist. The lessened pressure on your abdomen will provide lots of relief.

Socks that ride lower will also offer relief. Thinner cotton socks seem to cause the lease pain, especially relieving pain in the calves with the low-rise rather than high-rise.


Stay away from high-waisted pants! They are usually tighter and they squeeze your abdomen, which is a major cause of pain. As silly as it may sound, try looking in the maternity section. Some of their stretchy materials in pants could really be helpful to your fibro symptoms. While trying any pants on, sit down and move around to test if they truly are comfortable. You won’t be standing in place all day, so sitting down is a good way to find out if they provide the comfort level you desire.

Drawstrings generally offer more comfort than elastic, because they’re adjustable and don’t squeeze as much. Some people even try removing the elastic in pants to relieve it. Get creative and find what makes you the most comfortable.



When dresses are necessary (like for work or a wedding), choose one that is flowy and doesn’t have a waist band. Reducing the amount that a dress is fitted will lessen any pain from pressure on your body. Try a few on, and be mindful of your most painful spots. If a dress tugs or pulls near that area, it’s not a winner. Flowy is the way to go.


Different fabrics make fibro sufferers feel differently. Generally, lighter fabrics like cotton or silky materials feel less abrasive and heavy on the skin and muscles. Large sweaters, even though some are cotton, are often times too heavy and add extra pain to the shoulders and other tender areas. Go for the most recommended fabrics – cotton, silk/satin, stretchy knits, fleece and flannel all in lighter weight. Every little bit helps, so find what makes you comfortable and buy it in every color!


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