Another patient tells us her experience with CBD oil: soothing the constant pain

CBD EXPERIENCEIn this interview, Covadonga F. tells us about her experience with Sensi Seeds CBD oil. Thanks to the oil, she has managed to alleviate the constant pain she has endured for years due to shoulder injuries, and sleep like a marmot. She was looking for an alternative, and her husband found one. Read the full interview here.

Photo of patient Covadonga F., seen in profile and holding a cell phone against her right ear.  To his right is a Sensi Seeds bag hanging from a hook.  A framed image hangs on the wall above her and only the lower half is visible.  This is an illustration of the Eden Hashish Center in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Good evening Covadonga. Thank you very much for giving us some time to share your story and share it with our readers. We know that your work keeps you very busy. We would like you to tell us about your experience with CBD oil, especially with the CBD oil you eat, that of Sensi Seeds. We believe that your story can help many people.

When did you start using Sensi Seeds CBD oil?

Well, I started for about three months.

Why did you start a CBD oil treatment, did anyone tell you about it?

I discovered CBD oil  thanks to my husband who works in the cannabis industry. He told me all the properties that could be beneficial to me, so I decided to try it. I’ve always been a bit skeptical about these things, but since my shoulder was hurting me a long time, I wanted to see if it could bring me relief.

And after you started using it, did you feel an improvement during those three months?

Yes, yes without a doubt. The truth and I do not take large amounts, and after a week, or even four days, I began to notice that my pains were less continuous and constant. It’s not that the pains are intense, but I feel them 24 hours a day. So as I tell you, after more or less four days of use, my pain was less permanent. When I made a big effort, they came back, but the oil still brought me a lot of relief.

Can you give us more details about the pain that you feel on the shoulder?

It all started with a pain in the left shoulder. I endured it long before doctors diagnosed supraspinous muscle tendinitis . The traumatologist informed me that there were several solutions, but as none proved to be effective, they had to operate on me. I spent almost two years completely exhausted, and obviously, as it is the right shoulder that was making every effort, she also started to hurt after my operation. It was not intense pain, but it was also constant.

Before trying the oil, what kind of medicine did you take to relieve your pain?

I’m a little … I do not really like to take prescription drugs, chemicals, because I think that on the one hand, they offer relief, but on the other hand, they are also annoying. I had to spend a lot of money and do physiotherapy and osteopathy sessions during this time. I did not have great results, I felt a little better, but not a lot. So when the pain became unbearable, I took anti-inflammatory or muscle relaxants, and the least painkillers possible. Tendinitis is the result of inflammation of the tendon, and that’s why I only took anti-inflammatories. For pain, I did not want to take a strong medicine, because no, I do not like it, I prefer to avoid taking painkillers.

So before trying CBD oil, did you want to try a complementary natural product?

Yes, of course, instead of stuffing me with pharmaceuticals, I wanted to try a natural product that would have helped me relieve my pain.

What did you know about CBD oil and its properties?

When I started having pains, I did not really know anything about it. It was my husband and our mutual friends who also worked in the cannabis sector who told me about it. Also, I have a lot of friends who are consumers, recreational or medical, of cannabis. They told me about the medical properties of cannabis in general, cannabidiol, CBD, and CBD oil. They told me that CBD has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, among others. They also informed me that he was not psychoactive, which was a very good thing for me.

Photo of the product Sensi Seeds CBD oil: on the left the box, on the right the bottle.  "CBD-Oil" is printed in large print, and the Sensi Seeds logo is recognized.  The colors are always green and white.  Dosage and indications are indicated on the box on the left.  On the front, it says that it is a dietary supplement 100% natural and decarboxylated 10 ml.  The average CBD content is 3%, ie 300 mg.  The same indications are also on the bottle.

I see you know that CBD is a cannabinoid, or active compound, found in cannabis …

Yes of course. In addition to the information they shared with me, I also informed myself. I have heard evidence that CBD oil helps greatly in relieving pain, and that it is even beneficial in the treatment of serious illnesses, cancer or epilepsy. I also read various articles on the subject, in short, I inquired a little and my doubts have dissipated. I had to try it.

Could you tell us how you practice oil, how many times a day, how many drops …?

So, it depends a little bit on why I use it, because I use it for different reasons. Every morning after breakfast, I take five to eight drops, under the tongue, and keep them there for some time. Then I swallow and wait before drinking liquid, eat, talk, to get the best effect. I take it every morning, and sometimes at night, if I have other pains or problems.

What are the other health problems for which you are using Sensi Seeds CBD oil?

Well, as I realized that the oil was an effective anti-inflammatory, one morning, I had a sore throat, a cold nothing more, I said to myself, I’m going to put a few drops directly in the throat . I felt better, and a few hours later, when the pain returned in the afternoon, I took a few more drops, and the evening too. The next day, I had no more pain. For throat irritation, the oil is very effective.

Did you use it other times in this way?

Yes, two more times. The second time I had a cold with secretions, this time the oil was not very effective. But one thing is certain, normally when I catch a cold, I’m sick for 10 to 12 days, a few times longer. But this cold lasted only five days, which makes a big difference.

Have you used CBD oil for other medical applications? Would you like to talk about it?

Well yes (laughs). I unfortunately suffer from hemorrhoids, and at times it is very painful. My husband told me that at trade shows and at work where he is in constant contact with people who sell and consume this product, he had heard of people applying CBD oil directly to the pain area. As my pain was sharp, I applied it, and it helped me a lot. Again, we talk about inflammation, and since I do not want to take pills, I tried the oil. With it, the inflammation decreased and the pain eased, it did not disappear completely, but it really diminished.

How often did you apply it?

I applied it to the affected area for a week, once a day after the shower.

What other benefits does CBD oil bring you, or how would you say it helps you feel better?

I have always slept well, I have never had a problem sleeping at night, but since I take the oil, I wake up less often. As my shoulder pains occur mainly at night, they wake me up because my weight is on my shoulders. For that, the oil helped me a lot to sleep better.

You also mentioned that you use CBD oil to reduce menstrual pain.

Photo of the patient Covadonga F., seen in profile and sitting in front of a table in an office.  Behind her is a Sensi Seeds bag hanging from a hook.

Again, it was to replace the anti-inflammatories I used to take for my menstrual cramps . As I started taking oil for my shoulder pain, when my menstrual pains came on, I decided not to take the anti-inflammatories I usually took. I still had menstrual cramps, but much less than usual. At the next menstrual period, the pain was stronger, so I doubled my dose. I adjust my doses according to the degree of intensity of the pain. For me it is a miracle cure against these cramps that all women suffer once a month, every month, and can only be appeased with pills. It is always better to take as few medications as possible.

Do you eat, or have you ever used other cannabis products for medical purposes? Or do you know people who do it?

In fact, before I tried CBD oil, I tried a marijuana cream that my husband brought me, but it did not help me as much as the oil. I know people and family members of friends who use, or have used, cannabis-based therapeutic products such as creams or capsules , with very good results. As with many things in life, you have to try to see if it brings positive results.

Have you ever used cannabis for recreational purposes?  

As I mentioned earlier, I have always been surrounded by cannabis users of all types. I have of course already consumed occasionally, long ago, in my youth. But at one point, I started to feel bad. My tension is normally low, and sometimes I lose consciousness. Often, I felt dizzy and bad. I took a few touches with my friends, but obviously it was not going well at that time. That’s why I was so interested in the CBD, which was devoid of the psychoactive effects that affected me in a negative way. I am very happy because the CBD suits me well.

To conclude, a general question of wider scope, what do you think about the possible legalization of medical and recreational cannabis in Spain?

In my opinion, cannabis should be legalized now so that people who consume it have the right, and those who do not consume it, well, it does not consume. I am in favor of recreational and medical legalization , in Spain and everywhere else, because each of us is free to do what he wants with his body. The scientific evidence demonstrates the medicinal value of cannabis, its benefits, and all that can only be positive for the health of all.

And you, dear readers, would you like to share with us your experience with CBD oil?

If you have had positive results with Sensi Seeds CBD oil and would like to share them with us, we invite you to do so in the comments section below. We can not wait to read you.


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