7 Types of Fibromyalgia . What Type of Fibromyalgia Do You Suffer from?


A couple of days ago, minding my own business, I can across the web site of Dr. Blair Lamb . While a bit of a curates egg it is well worth the trip over because of some very useful information and ideas on pain and pain management.

I was particularly struck by a very interesting article he wrote on types of fibromyalgia.
He broke fibro down into the following categories which I thought was pretty useful:-

Repetitive Strain (or Repetitive Traumatic)
Mood-Related & Sleep disruptive
Rheumatoid and Chronic Disease
Or a mixture of any of the above

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You can check out his excellent articles on his website www.drlamb.com for more information about each description but I think they do explain themselves.

So my question to you is which of these types of fibromyalgia do you have? Please share your thoughts in comments below.
If you feel that none of them match your experience of fibro please feel free to tell us more about your condition

Many thanks in advance.


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