5 Don’ts Of Fibromyalgia

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The pain associated with fibromyalgia becomes so intense at times, that individuals are unable to perform simple daily tasks. Bad habits which many are prone to having can further aggravate fibro pain and symptoms. These poor lifestyle choices can interfere with fibromyalgia recovery and even worsen your condition.



Being Inactive

The pain is sometimes so intense that you don’t feel like moving. Many tend to avoid exercising and moving to avoid pain. On the contrary, being inactive can worsen fibromyalgia pain in the long run. Inactivity leads to lack of energy, weakened and stiffened muscles. It is important to keep yourself moderately mobile to maintain strong and flexible muscles and improve blood circulation. Consult a fitness trainer about specific exercises for fibromyalgia patients and do them regularly. Start simple by walking or stretching for a couple of minutes – it takes time to build up a rhythm.



Quick Shower

Never rush while taking a shower or a bath. Taking a shower or bath can be more than a mere hygienic routine. In fact, it could be a daily therapy for pain. When taking a shower, allow ample time for the moist heat from the water to soothe the soreness and stiffness in your muscles. The warmth also helps to improve blood circulation to affected areas and helps to relieve pain. A warm, wet towel can be gently apply on the affected area to soothe aches whenever needed.



Getting Home Late

Getting home late can disrupt your sleeping pattern and deprive you of sleeping hours, on top of your already poor sleep. This problem usually arises due to work or social commitments that leads to overtime or late night-outs respectively. Try to set yourself a curfew and adhere to a fixed sleeping schedule. Your curfew should be at least an hour before bedtime so that there is sufficient time to wash up and get into your sleeping mode.




According to a 2009 study retreived from Rheumatology International, it was found that smoking can worsen fibromyalgia by intensifying its symptoms such as overall pain, poor sleep and depression. In another clinical study in 2011, smokers are reported to have more tender points than non-smokers. Quitting overnight might not be possible, but you should definitely move towards that goal in order to get pain relief.



Too Much Stress

Stress is thought as one of the causes of fibromyalgia. If you are under constant pressure and more stress than you can handle, it acts as a trigger for fibromyalgia pain. Stress can also affect your sleep, your mood, your appetite and aggravate fibromyalgia symptoms such as fatigue, depression and digestive problems. It is important to stay postive and avoid negative emotions to reduce pain. Some effective ways to relieve stress include meditation, massage, exercise, and deep-breathing.


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