3 Types of Stress that Lead to Fibromyalgia



Stress is one of the top speculated causes of fibromyalgia. Researchers believe that a person under a huge amount of stress, for an extended period of time, can cause changes in brain behavior. When brain functions go haywire, it can alter the way the brain perceive pain and eventually lead to fibromyalgia.

Here are 3 types of stress that could lead to fibromyalgia…

Physical Stress:
Injuries sustained in an accident is enough to trigger FM. Carpel tunnel syndrome or any other kind of repetitive strain injury, a slip or fall, serious infection, surgery or diabetes can also ultimately cause FM. Often, women develop it after pregnancy.

Emotional stress:
According to studies, if one has been sexually or physically abused, he or she may be more likely to develop fibromyalgia symptoms. Fibromyalgia can also develop when one loses a loved one

Post Traumatic Stress:
The condition, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSB), is a bodily response to a specific terrible incident in one’s life, such as an accident, a crime, etc. This anxiety disorder sees an individual reliving the horrific experience. This condition is normally associated with soldiers involved in war who complain of pressure linked with pain, high anxiety, disturbed sleep, depression and fatigue.

According to one study, 57% of a FM sample had clinically high levels of PSTD symptoms. Patients of FM with PTSD symptoms displayed high levels of hyper arousal, avoidance, anxiety, reliving their dangerous experience and depression than those without clinically high levels of PTSD symptoms. In this study, the presence of PTSD among fibromyalgia patients was seen to be much higher than that of the general public.

Another case in point is the Gulf War of 1991. About half the number of soldiers who went to war returned only to complain of headaches, difficulty remembering, muscle pain and fatigue. In the absence of a proper diagnosis, these symptoms were recorded as the Gulf War Syndrome. Hence, PTSB is very likely a risk factor for fibromyalgia.


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