17 things that people with chronic diseases want to say when they say ‘I’m tired

Everyone has said ‘I’m tired’ at one time or another. But those deceptively simple words can have so many meanings … Without knowing the degree of exhaustion that someone with a chronic illness can feel when they say they are tired, people may think that your “tiredness” can be cured by a nap or by going to bed early in the morning. night, like theirs, without understanding the support you really need at that moment.

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So we asked our powerful community with chronic diseases to reveal what they really meant when they say, ‘I’m tired.’

It is important that people close to you understand the challenges you are dealing with and the empathy and kindness you need from them.

This is what they told us:

1. “Most healthy people do not understand that ‘I’m tired’ is a very short phrase. When I really admit to my friends and family that I feel bad or I am tired it means a lot. That means that I can no longer hide the symptoms that I deal with daily and I need a little help to spend the next hours or days. ”

2. “When I say ‘I’m tired’, I mean that my body hurts to the point of not being able to explain to a” normal “person how much it hurts. It means mentally, emotionally and physically that I do not want to move on. When I say ‘I’m tired’ I’m giving myself permission for a second to stop fighting my illness and be vulnerable. When I say ‘I’m tired’ I’m trusting you enough to show you how I feel before I’m ready to get up and keep fighting. ”

3. “I do not want to stop helping you, but I’m sure I’ll fall apart if I do one more thing. Therefore, he just smiles and nods while I sit down and put on my splints. ”

4. “Sitting in a chair is exhausting. I just want to be able to melt on the ground because I do not have the energy to stand on my feet. I’m not sleepy, I’m exhausted! ”

5. “When I say ‘I’m tired’ it means I do not want to talk about it right now. It means that I am tired of the constant struggle of my body against itself, I am tired of being positive, I am tired of struggling with pain, I am tired of endless procedures and continuous medical appointments only to discover new problems. I know that everything will be fine but right now ‘I’m tired’ and I do not have the energy or the will to put much effort into finding ‘the good’ of my situation. ”

6. “I am tired is the code for: I have pressed the power off button; I have no energy to explain the systemic overload that my body and my mind experience; I need to be alone; I’m sorry I can not do that for you right now, but I’m unable to do that by myself. ”

7. “Most of the time it really means, ‘I know you have good intentions, but please, give me some space. I would like to be alone. ‘ Predominantly this is when I am really absolutely exhausted and have no energy to pay attention to those around me. ”

8. “I’m mentally exhausted from having to pretend to be good at work, when what I really want to do is scream out loud because of the pain. Most of my day is spent watching the clock go forward so I can go home and cuddle up and just scream in pain out loud. ”

9. “Half the time means that I have no reason to feel the way I do, emotionally, mentally or physically, but I feel I have to give an explanation. The other half of the time is that I am at my breaking point and there is not enough rest to change this. ”

10. “It’s usually my answer for pain, exhaustion, anxiety, everything. It’s easier than trying to explain something that ‘normal’ people will never understand. Tiredness is something that, somehow, everyone can understand. ”

11. “I want, no, I need, to collapse right here. I have so much pain that I want to cry, but it is not socially acceptable to do so. I can not think enough to know my own name and much less what I should do right now! ”

12. “When I say I’m tired I want to say that I can not keep smiling and acting like nothing is happening. Day after day, I try to show the best of myself and pretend to be the same person I was before the pain began. When I’m tired I can not pretend anymore, I have to be who I am now. ”

13. “I’m emotionally exhausted. But I do not want to look weak or go into details. Saying ‘I’m tired’ is simpler sometimes. ”

14. “I say ‘I am tired’, but what I want to say is that I am fatigued beyond exhaustion, I can hardly function, I feel I have not slept in days, my body and my mind dream of a restful sleep!”.

15. “When I say I’m tired, it means that wherever I am it could be a good place to go to bed and hopefully sleep. The cement floor? Yes, it looks like an incredible place. ”

16. “I’m without spoons. Without juice. Without bateria. I can not physically gather the energy necessary to complete the task (s) that they are asking me to do “.

17. “I’m going to concentrate in spite of the fibroniebla and when someone notices, I will respond automatically, ‘I’m tired’. It’s much easier to not have to explain something that you know you probably will not understand. My tiredness can not be fixed. Take a nap, heal … If it were that simple. “


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