15 Memes That Perfectly Describe Living With a Chronic Illness During the Holidays

Struggling with chronic illness during the holidays isn’t funny, but finding the humor in a tough situation can be a powerful coping tool. For that reason, we put together a list of holiday-related memes you might enjoy if you live with a chronic illness.

1. When your friends invite you to a big holiday party:

staying in bed meme

2. When your relatives ask if you’re “feeling better yet”:

are you feeling ok meme

3. When you want to decorate your home but just don’t have the energy:

close enough meme

4. When the painsomnia is too real:

slept for 40 minutes meme

5. When you’re trying to find a balance between enjoying the holidays and keeping your symptoms in check:

barely hanging on meme

6. When fuzzy socks are actually the greatest gift ever:

socks meme

7. When someone at the dinner table casually asks how you’ve been:

i'm fine meme

8. When your medical bills are stacking up but it’s also the holidays:

christmas budget meme

9. When you’re trying to put on a smile even though you’re in pain:

inward scream meme
10. When you don’t have the energy to cook fancy holiday meals:
ginger bread house
11. When you’re trying to explain chronic illness to your relatives but they just don’t get it:
questions about illness meme

12. When all the holiday decorations start causing sensory overload:

lights everywhere meme

13. When your body makes you pay for going to that holiday party last night:

waking up today meme

14. When people ask if you’re going anywhere for the holidays:

pain travels meme

15. When you feel like death but still got that holiday spirit:

skeleton christmas meme

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